andy vogt

San Francisco artist Andy Vogt develops his aesthetic out of salvaged building materials, creating geometric constructions that reference decayed architectural forms and structures in transition.

His work is a continuous investigation of the overlap between sculpture and drawing and the effects of light as a perceived phenomenon and as an actual physical effect.

His imagery starts from a fascination with demolition and the uncovered, fossilized elements of the built (or un-built) landscape.  From this post-structural state, his works emerge with a combined sense of volume and weightlessness, interior and exterior, light and shadow. His range of material includes wood, cement, plaster, fabric, laminate, mirror, lenses, and lights.

His recent interest is in the transfer of his sculptural work into photograms on dye soaked fabric. These new works are the shadows of his constructions, subjected to the sun’s changing effects and color nuances of the dye’s application. Structures are present as afterimages, in fleeting hazy recollections of form.

Vogt’s work has been exhibited nationally and locally including solo shows at Eli Ridgway Gallery, San Francisco, Hap Gallery, Portland, OR, Southern Exposure, The Museum of Craft and Design and Ampersand International Arts. Group exhibitions include Root Division, 2214 Space, Headlands Center for the Arts, San Francisco State University Art Gallery, Swarm Gallery and Adobe Books Backroom Gallery. In 2010 he was an artist in residence at Headlands Center for the Arts.

Vogt lives and works in San Francisco. More information about his work can be found on his website.