mikolaj szatko

Polish-born, Chicago-based Mikołaj Szatko combines a composer’s practice with that of an interdisciplinary studio artist, focusing on the significance of extra-musical, accidental, and very often inaudible sounds of environments and spaces we inhabit. It is not so much the phenomenological sound-in-itself that he seeks, but rather the very source of a sound, or a piece of music, its social and historical circumstances that condition its creation, and, in turn, our linguistic recognition of it. Language and the way it informs different modes of listening and interpreting our immediate surroundings form the basis of his practice.

Szatko received his Bachelor of Science at Edinburgh Napier University, United Kingdom, and his MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. His practice revolves around found sound and materials, text, photography and performance.

More information about Miko's work can be found on his website.